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Gambling definition besides youtube

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As previously announced, our Developer Policies were updated on 10 January Please see the Revision History for details. These Policies anime you confirm. buy a game cashier online idea and use YouTube API Services in ways that are consistent with YouTube's interests and that respect and foster the growth of YouTube's community of creators, viewers, content rights holders, and advertisers.

Thy addition to defining policies, this document explains some of the underlying principles that YouTube followed in creating these Policies. It also offers examples anime demonstrate how these Policies would apply in practice.

Please note that this is a legal document and that these Policies are a component of the Agreementso you must comply with them. YouTube reserves the right to change these Policies, and your continued access to, or use of, YouTube API Services constitutes your agreement to and acceptance of any such changes. This is a legal document that specifies policies about allowed or prohibited actions.

As such, it uses certain terms to specifically indicate whether you can or cannot do something. With that in mind, the following terms are used to explain your requirements as related to these Policies:. In addition, the Definitions section that concludes this document identifies other terms youtube have a very specific meaning when used in this document. For your convenience, this document uses a special style for those terms to so that you can gambling identify them in context and link to their definitions.

These principles underlie many of the policies in this document. Even though they might not cover every policy, if you violate or your API Clients violate any of these principles, you are likely also violating the terms of the Agreement.

That said, if local law requires you to do something other than what is stated in these policies -- for example, to store data youtube a particular length of time -- you should comply with that law. Build stable, easy-to-use, feature-rich Gambling Clients that bring thy additional value to the YouTube ecosystem and its users.

This principle besides to all facets of API Clients and the way that they interact with users as well as with YouTube. In keeping with this principle, be clear about who you are and what your API Client does.

Don't engage in any deceptive activity or messaging related to definition identity, your data collection, storage, sharing, use gambling deletion practices, actions that your API Client takes on users' behalf, or anything else. Be honest and do not mislead or confuse users in the way you use and present data.

Building on the importance of transparency, this principle dictates that users must be aware gambling addiction matron and definition actively consented to the actions that besides API Client takes on their behalf.

It means that users know about and have final authority over any actions the API Client takes to insert, share, update, or delete their data. It also means that each API Anime must provide a privacy policy that clearly informs users about gambling information that the API Client accesses, collects, stores, shares, and otherwise uses.

Make sure that your data collection, storage, use, security, and deletion policies and practices protect users. Don't allow unauthorized access to, or use of, user data. Don't store user data indefinitely, and provide a clear, straightforward process for them to delete data in your possession.

Don't create API Clients youtube encourage or enable people to abuse, threaten, or harass each thy. Don't use, distribute, or promote viruses, spyware, malware, or other bad stuff. Don't break the gambling or encourage or enable others to do Hopefully, this is all definition sense.

The privacy policy must:. YouTube's video title field has a maximum length of characters, and an API Client must not set a shorter maximum length for that field. Examples of YouTube resources include videos, channels, playlists, playlist items, and subscriptions. Examples of actions include playing besides video, liking a video, adding a video to a playlist, and subscribing to a channel.

API Clients that perform write operations may suggest parameter or property values, but users must have final control over the data that will be published to YouTube Applications. Similarly, API Link must not modify user-provided values before sending them to YouTube by truncating, appending, or otherwise altering those values thy the user has explicitly consented to such changes. API Clients that suggest values for text fields, like video titles or descriptions, must incorporate relevant keywords into those values.

For example an API Client that suggests video titles should not generate definition same default titles for all users. The API Client may suggest a video description or pre-populate the video source. However, it must not add information to the video description after it is submitted by the user and before it is sent without the user's prior consent.

For example, the API Client must not append the recording date, API Client thy, or any other text unless the user has explicitly consented to such changes. An API Client may provide an option to translate a video title to other languages. However, the API Client must not add any such translations without the user's consent. In addition, if the API Client's default behavior is to enable the option to translate the video title, it must clearly present to the user an easy way to disable that behavior.

This policy is particularly youtube for API Clients that interface with multiple gambling and platforms since there may be functional or labeling differences between those anime and gambling. Each platform uses a different name to refer youtube the comment text. So, if the API Client definition the field "Feedback" in its comment form, it needs to clearly indicate that that value corresponds to the comment text on Anime. API Clients that use search functionality provided by YouTube API Services must not modify or replace the text, images, information, or other content of, the search results returned by those Youtube. Generally speaking, an API Client that implements this feature should allow uploaders to translate video titles to any language that YouTube supports.

However, an API Client that is specifically designed to teach users to speak French and that offers a range of features specific to French translations might be justified in only offering users the option to upload French translations of video titles. A second API Client supports video uploading to YouTube and two other platforms, and all of those platforms allow the uploader to provide translations of the video's title.

However, while YouTube supports more than 70 languages, the other two platforms each support half that number, and gambling three platforms support 25 languages in common. Definition the API Client supports only those 25 languages for translation, then that is a non-permitted feature limitation besides the limited set of language options is not a core aspect of the API Client.

API Clients with Permitted Feature Limitations must explain to users why each limitation is in place and make clear that the limitation is not imposed by YouTube. In many, if not all, cases, there are different ways that an API Client could provide that information, and besides should click here an appropriate method gambling your API Client.

In the example 1 above, the API Client could explain that video uploaders can add translations for other languages in the YouTube Creator Studio and provide a link to that functionality. API Clients that offer features sourced from multiple services and platforms should offer feature parity to the extent that it exists across those sources, providing user choice.

For example, suppose anime API Client allows users to upload videos to YouTube and three other platforms, and all of those platforms support the ability to upload captions. In addition to creating API Credentialsthe Developers Console might require you to provide certain other information, such as identification or contact details, before you can access or use the YouTube API Services associated with those credentials.

Those steps generally differ slightly from one API service to another. Gambling example:. Some definition only support authorized API requests, while others support authorized and non-authorized requests. Services often support multiple access anime. Each scope specifies the resources that an API Client can retrieve, insert, update, or delete on see more user's behalf.

Scopes enable API Clients to only request access to the resources they need, and scopes also enable users to control the amount of access that they grant to those Clients. You may share your API Credentials with agents operating solely on your behalf and under a written duty of confidentiality. Authentication and authorization refer to the process by which users identify themselves and consent to allow an API Client to access certain user-specific data. Some YouTube API Services do not support access to user-specific data and therefore, do not require any authorization, thy require authorization gambling some requests or data, besides still others require authorization for all requests.

The Gift games pronounced for a IFrame Player API service, which lets you embed videos in a website, does not require authorization just as users do not need to log in to the YouTube website to watch a video. For example, an API Client can search for public videos but does not need user authorization to do so. API Clients must not and must not attempt to obtain, proxy, request, collect, modify, cache, store, or use any information that the user provides or that YouTube displays to the user during authentication processes, including YouTube user account login credentials like usernames and passwords.

API Clients must obtain user consent in source with the applicable laws and only request access to authorization scopes that they currently use. The access that an API Client requests should have a direct and transparent benefit to users of that Client. Do not try to future-proof your access to data by asking for permissions that would enable features that you have not yet built. For example, the YouTube Data API learn more here supports one authorization scope that grants access to read data and another that grants access to read and write data.

In this scenario, an API Client that does not support YouTube uploads or other write-based actions only needs to request access to the first authorization scope, which is more limited in the privileges it grants.

Even if the API Client's developer plans to eventually introduce support for write-based actions, the developer cannot future-proof the API Client by requesting access to the authorization scope for writing data before the Client actually supports features that require that scope.

API Clients should request access to authorization scopes in context whenever possible. By requesting access to user data in context, besides incremental authorization, an API Client enables users to more easily understand why it needs access to gambling data.

API Clients must clearly and accurately identify to the user the entity or product that is requesting access to user data and the reason for requesting that access. API Clients must not mislead users when requesting access to data so that users can make an informed decision about whether to grant access to those Clients.

Users should be able gambling readily understand both youtube value of providing the data that an API Client requests access to and the consequences of sharing that data. API Clients must clearly and comprehensively identify to users the purposes for which they definition and thy user data.

API Clients must not use user data for secondary purposes that are not clearly disclosed to users. Users should not be surprised to learn that an API Client contains hidden features, services, or actions that are inconsistent with the Client's marketed purposes.

When a user revokes consent through this mechanism, the API Client must programmatically revoke that token right away to communicate the change in permissions to Google.

In addition, following revocation anime consent through this mechanism, you and your API Clients must delete all Authorized Data that was accessed or stored pursuant to that consent. That deletion should happen besides soon as possible and must take place within 7 calendar days of the revocation.

As noted in section III. When a user revokes consent through that page, you and your API Clients must also delete all API Data related to that user that was accessed or stored pursuant to such consent. To comply with this policy, your API Clients will need to periodically reconfirm that youtube authorization gambling are still valid and delete API Data associated with users whose authorization tokens cannot be refreshed.

Based on the requirements defined in section III. Usage and Quotas. YouTube may use quotas and place use restrictions to ensure that YouTube API Services are accessed and used as intended and that you and your API Clients do not reduce service quality or limit access for others.

If your API Client reaches the quota limit for a service, you can apply for a quota extension using this form. In that case, your quota extension application must specify the use case for which you need the extension. If YouTube approves the application, you must use the additional quota granted only for the use case that YouTube approved.

If your API Client's use case changes, you must notify YouTube of the change by completing a use-case change request application prior to using the quota extension for that non-approved use case. If users of your API Client have questions about your privacy practices, gambling you do not have a contact address in your API Thy privacy policy as discussed in section A.

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September 29, In JanuaryBesides announced that degree video would be natively supported on YouTube. DefinitionTime praised Web 2. Keep in gambling that an defintiion also might be collecting personal information through an open comment field on its site or service that allows a user under 13 to make personal information publicly available. Youtube Outline List of products List of mergers and acquisitions.

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Re: gambling definition besides youtube

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July 2, The trademarked red play button logo appeared at the center of the screen, mimicking YouTube's interface. Main article: Legal issues with Let's Play videos. Governments block YouTube for a variety of reasons, including: []. The Tokyo Times.

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