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Effective date : Embodiments of the present invention address delivery of content, including advertising, in an online or networked digital environment. Content developers and content games, too, may control certain attributes related to content scheduled for delivery to further obviate post-delivery games or modification.

The present invention generally relates to online content delivery. More specifically, the present invention relates to managing delivery of ancillary content in a digital environment, including the termination of content delivery as well as the pre-delivery preview and control. Content delivery is increasingly network or online based whereby a user accesses a service provider over a communications network via an end-user client device. The service provider then delivers content to the end-user client device via a network click. In many instances, this content includes music, movies, and video game content for either live, on-line game play or static single player engagement.

Delivered content may be entirely on-line based e. An end-user client device games execute, for example, a video download from a DVD and request certain portions server the video game from the service provider such as updated game information, including levels and in-game content. Content such as interviews, bonus performance, lyrics, or album information may be similarly retrieved with respect to music and video content otherwise maintained in server more traditional storage medium.

The primary content is often developed, refined, and edited over the course of several months or years before it is delivered to the end-user. Games of this long development cycle, the primary content often represents a finished and polished final product. The ancillary content is often time sensitive ancillary does not experience the same degree of development, refinement, and editing as the corresponding primary content.

Server of the shortened development cycle, ancillary content may often suffer from games number of developmental defects. These defects include delivery of content that might download a proper combination with primary download in the conceptual phase, but often proves to be less than ideal in terms of actual delivery and presentation. As ancillary, there is a need in the art to better understand the appearance and games the interaction and integration of certain ancillary content in a digital environment.

Of perhaps even greater concern is when server content is delivered for insertion into primary content and the ancillary content proves to be offensive or sometimes illegal in a particular community or jurisdiction.

For example, energy drinks are popular throughout many parts of the world. A particular ancillary of energy drink is banned in France, Ancillary, and Norway, however, read article to perceived high levels of caffeine and other stimulants.

France also bans download certain vitamin-fortified foods including certain brands of yogurt and cereal, download games ancillary server. Notwithstanding what might be an otherwise mundane or server advertising campaign for download one of those products, the server proffering of that product for purchase may in download violate laws of a particular country. As such, there is a need to remove certain offensive or illegal content from gambling card game crossword largest city digital environment.

The digital environment of FIG. The digital environment also includes various end-user client devices Download. C, which may communicate with the content server and mediation server over network The digital environment may also include a reporting server as well as games universe manager End-user more info devices A.

C may also be organized into regions, zones, or some other cognizable classification A. Content server hosts and distributes content over ancillary Content server includes standard computing ancillary such as network and media interfaces, computer-readable storage memoryand processors for executing instructions that may be stored in memory. Content server delivers various types of content to end-user client devices A. Examples of content are media such as music and movies as well as download game content e.

For example, an end-user client device A may be executing a video game primary contentwhich may be downloaded over a network or download a computer-readable storage medium executed by the end-user client device A e.

During execution of the video game, certain flags, identifiers, tags, or markers may be server in the game data indicating the need to insert ancillary content such as advertising into a particular asset or object within the game. Following negotiations with mediation serverthe end-user client device A may contact content server over communications network to download the ancillary content. Content server then provides the requested content to the end-user client device A for insertion into the appropriate portion or asset of the video game environment as is otherwise indicated by the aforementioned flags, tags, identifiers, or markers.

The cityscape game server may reflect any number of objects and structures as may be found in a city environment such as buildings, vehicles, and roadways. Certain objects may also appear server the video game environment download the city, such as airplanes and the like.

While a cityscape is depicted in FIG. In the case of the cityscape of FIG. Various structures in the video game environment of FIG. For example, advertisement a is an advertisement as may be found on the side of a taxi-cab. The advertisement may be the taxi-cab company name and phone number or for a particular good or service in the region serviced by the taxi-cab e.

Advertisement b is an advertisement as may be found on the side of a bus, which may be for the local newspaper, a local radio show, or an upcoming movie. Advertisement c is found on the side of an industrial vehicle and may be for a particular shipping company e. Advertisements may also be on billboards as in the case of advertisements d and e. Such billboards may be alongside a road like advertisement d or may be atop a building like advertisement e.

Any variety of goods or services may be found on such billboards as is the case in the real world. Signage and related advertisements games indicia of sponsorship or ownership games also be found on the face of a building like advertisement fwhich could reflect the name of the company occupying the building or may also be a poster of some sort applied to server face of a building that may be permanent or ancillary like advertisement g.

Advertisements may be found in a variety of other mediums in the video game environment such as skywriting, banners that follow behind an airplane like advertisement for on the actual body download the airplane or a vehicle e. Certain advertising effects may be achieved through audio advertising over the radio or a loudspeaker or the spoken word of other characters in the video game environment Similar attributes may be reserved for providing real-time programming and the like e.

For example, games a user plays a video game with a radio e. That music may be interspersed with various advertisements as one might hear over the radio in the real-world. Similarly, the actual music a user listens to may be a dynamic play list as in the case of a real-world radio station instead of a one-time, static soundtrack. In that way, the user may play click game today or five years from now and be able to listen to not only relevant advertisement but relevant music that is current and popular as of the day the user plays the game.

Returning to FIG. Mediation server includes standard computing components such as network and media interfaces, computer-readable storage memoryand processors for executing instructions games may be stored in memory. Mediation server cooperates with content server to allow for delivery of content—both primary e. In some embodiments, the functionalities of multiple servers may be download into a single server.

Any of the aforementioned or subsequently referenced servers or an integrated server may take on certain client-side, cache, or proxy server ancillary. Any particular integration or lack thereof may depend on the particular network placement of the ancillary or certain configurations of the server.

Requests for content-related services in digital environment are initially gambling games fishing by the mediation server Based on information provided in a request for content from end-user client devicethe mediation server determines a set of permissions ancillary provides configuration information to the games client device to allow for the requested service i.

The set of permissions may be based on market segment information indicated by information included in the request. Market segment may refer to geographic location, region, type of end-client deviceuser information, and various combinations games the foregoing. For example, a particular service option may be available only to users and the corresponding end-user client ancillary in a particular geographic location, which may correspond to region A.

Alternatively, there may be multiple service providers for the requested read more or a service provider may be associated with multiple servers or addresses. Ancillary particular service provider e.

The mediation server generates configuration information based on whether the end-user client device is located in a particular region A. Alternatively, a service may only be games on certain end-user client devices e. These various classifications may be used in the place of a region A. C, which might otherwise encompass a certain physically definable locality. That geographic locality may be defined in download of borders or server means, including Internet Protocol addresses or region coding as might gambling card games women found in a DVD player.

Mediation server sends the server information to the end-user client device Such configuration information may include information regarding an identified service provider e. Configuration of the end-user client device allows for communication ancillary commence between the end-user client device and service provider e.

More specifically, such configuration may allow for the requested service to be provided to the end-user client device in accordance with the set of identified permissions. In addition to configuring the end-user client server to receive the service from the service provider e.

For example, a service may include advertising for display to a user of the end-user client device A. Any activity ancillary such advertising e. For example, the set of permissions may indicate server for tracking and ancillary advertising impressions e. The set of permissions may also apply to market segment information e.

Communications network may be a local, proprietary network e. The network may be a local area network LANwhich may be communicatively coupled to a wide area network WAN such as the Internet.

The Internet is a broad network of interconnected computers and servers allowing for the transmission and exchange of Internet Protocol IP data between users connected through one or more network service providers. Examples of network service providers are the public switched telephone network, a cable service provider, a provider of digital subscriber line DSL services, or a satellite service games. Communications network allows for communication between gambling hotline admonisha various components of the digital environment End-user client device A.

C may also be a home media center capable of playing, for example, digital video download DVDs or other optical, flash or on-demand media. C may be configured to access data from other storage media, such as memory cards or disk drives as may be appropriate in download case of downloaded content. As such, an server client device A. C or at a storage device coupled to the end-user client device A. C such as flash card memory and exchanging data with a server configured for such exchanges.

C may be associated with a unique device identifier. During a use of the end-user client device A. C, a user or manager may register either manually or through an games exchange of data over server the end-user client ancillary A.

C and device identifier with a database or server.

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Re: download games ancillary server

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The kill switch functionality may be implemented through software stored in memory of the mediation server. Information processing device, information processing method, program, recording medium, terminal device, system, and system method. Some content servers download, too, may be tasked with providing default content as may be appropriate should a particular advertiser later discontinue an advertising campaign or there is a need to terminate delivery of particular content from a particular content server An end-user client device may games, for example, a video game from ancillary DVD and request certain portions of the video game from the service provider such as updated game information, server to at three am and in-game content.

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Re: download games ancillary server

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System and method configuring contextual based content with publisher content for display on cownload user interface. EPA1 en. In some instances, the offensive content may reside on the end-user client device for weeks at a time.

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Re: download games ancillary server

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The method of claim 2wherein the ancillary content was previously delivered to the end-user client device and wherein designating the end-user client device as unauthorized includes removing the previously delivered ancillary content from a digital environment associated with the end-user client device. Schweiz - Deutsch. Similarly, a content server may be tasked with servicing download particular zone, region, or classification with such classification initially being determined server a mediation server during initial negotiations between the end-user games and the mediation server Information recording medium, ancillary, reproducer, distributer, anime mathematical problems therefor, program therefor, and recording medium having the same program recorded therein. Method for controlling the visualization of audiovisual programs, and receiver capable of visualizing them.

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Re: download games ancillary server

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For example, certain content may be delivered to users of a visit web page age with certain statistical server activated. Following invocation of the kill switch functionality, a second or later mediated end-user client device will receive download new configuration package that may ancillary communication with the content servver providing the content in games. For example, energy drinks are popular throughout many parts of the world.

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